Game Day 2019


Dallas BEST Robotics is an all volunteer group of engineers, technologists, and anyone else interested in promoting STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) to middle, junior, and senior high school students through an annual robotics competition.  Materials are provided to the teams at no cost thanks to our generous corporate contributions and local associates.  Dallas BEST generally accepts senior high, junior high, and middle school teams from Dallas, Rockwall, Kaufman counties, and East to the state line, plus other areas as appropriate.

Coronavirus ConcernsWe are making accommodations to address the COVID-19 pandemic.  The national organizers have plans for 3 levels of operation that may differ between BEST hubs.  Our Dallas hub has decided to use the least restrictive or “Classic” plan competition, with the traditional head to head competition Game Day but with pandemic precautions. 

The 2022 competition theme, “Made 2 Order”, will be accepting team registrations soon.  Details for the contest will be revealed on Kickoff Day on some Saturday in September.  Teams are typically school based or home school co-ops.  If you have a team interested in participating, please contact us using this email link.  If you are a new team, please provide some details about your students (how many, age/grade range, any experience in robotics contests) and we will reply with the registration details.  Other nearby hubs include Cowtown BEST, DC BEST (Denton County), and CoCo BEST (Collin County). 

2021 Demo Daze Teaser Video (expecting one for Made2Order soon)

Optional Summer teacher/mentor workshops offered in July.

Our milestone event dates for 2022 will span an 8 week schedule:
Kickoff               Saturday morning TBD, September,location TBD
                           in person briefing and kit handout
Demo Day         Saturday, all day TBD October, location TBD
                             informal team testing of robot performance
Game Day         Friday evening / Saturday all day, TBD November, location TBD
                             head to head fielded contest and BEST Award events

For additional details, follow this link
to the national website:
BEST Robotics, Inc.
BEST of Texas Robotics

Advancing teams competed at:
Texas BEST Regional
UIL Robotics State - BEST Division
December 1-3 2022, details to come



Facebook:  BEST Robotics
Twitter:  @BESTRobotics

(updated 4/17/2022)




The volunteers and participants of Dallas BEST Robotics would like to thank our sponsors for supporting the annual contest. The financial support provided by Texas Instruments and the TI Foundation enabled Dallas BEST Robotics to impact over 600 students across 30 teams during the six-week competition.


Please check out this message from Dallas BEST participants and coaches.


We hope we can count on support from TI in the future so we can continue our mission to inspire students to pursue STEM careers.


Best Regards,

Joel Graber & Bill Rock

2021 Dallas BEST Robotics Co-directors
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Dallas Best Robotics