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About Us

Dallas BEST, one of many BEST “hubs”, serves the Dallas County, Rockwall County, Kaufman County, and several East Texas area schools and home school co-ops.  One of the original hubs, we’ve been organizing the annual robotics contest for over 20 years.  Many student participants have come full circle in their education and now mentor teams or are part of the hub “core team” of volunteers.

BEST relies on the generous donations of local businesses, colleges, schools, and individuals.  There is no cost to registered teams to enter the standard competition, and one robotics kit per team is provided, also at no cost to the team.  The kits are made of two parts: a “consumable kit” of raw materials like plywood, PVC pipes and couplings, metal rods and sheets, and fasteners; and a “returnable kit” made of various motors, servos, a wireless controller and receiver, and wiring.  All teams must use the provided materials.

Texas public high school teams that are eligible to compete in the Texas UIL may optionally do so in order to contend for the UIL State Robotics champion with UIL fees.