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2019 Game Day Information

Agenda for 2019 Game:

Times listed are tentative


Friday agenda (distant schools may defer until Saturday with prior approval)

5:00 PM                  Check In Begins - robot compliance check, set up pit area, set up display booth
6:00 PM                  Friday Marketing Presentations start (reserved in advance)

9:00 PM                  Check In Closes - please be here in time to do your compliance check,
                                  Friday presentations end


Saturday agenda

7:30 AM                  Doors Open - distant schools and Friday's rejected robots compliance check;

                                      Complete pit and display booth setup

8:00 AM                  All drivers and spotters should be in the gymnasium

~8:30 AM                Drivers & Spotters briefing (exact time will be announced)

8:45 AM                  Opening Ceremony and 1st round robots on the Ready Line

9:00 AM                  Seeding Matches begin!  Marketing presentations continue.

~noon                       1 hour Lunch Break, on your own

                                     (links to local on/off campus restaurant suggestions given below)

~1:15                        Team Participation Award
~1:30 PM                Resume Seeding Matches followed by Wildcard Match
~2:30 PM                Semifinal Matches start
~3:30 PM                Final Matches start
~4:00 PM                Results Announced and Teams Recognized


Local Restaurants:

On campus-            TBD

Off Campus-           TBD



The Marketing Presentation tentative schedule for Friday night:

Friday                Room 1                        Room 2
6-6:30                team 1                             team 2
6:30-7                team 3                             team 4
7-7:30                team 5                             team 6
7:30-8                team 7                             team 8
8-8:30                team 9                             team 10
8:30-9                team 11                          team 12

The Marketing Presentation schedule for Saturday will be available on Friday night.

(revised  5/22/2019)

Location and Date:  Friday evening and Saturday, October 18-19
Brookhaven College, 3939 Valley View Ln., Farmers Branch, TX  75244